Hamburg, Germany – Herbertstraße finally gets his street signs back. District manager Lars Schütze, “I noticed that they were missing for years. That’s a world-famous street; the signs had to be replaced!” Lars applied for new signs, and finally last Tuesday they arrived. “The signs are a souvenir par excellence and are always get stolen,” he says. They now will be bolded – one sign on each side of the 100 -meter red light mile in three meters above ground, to protect them from thieves. 

Herbertstraße is a street in the St. Pauli a district of Hamburg, located near the main red light district tReeperbahn. It is the only street in the city where it is still possible to find prostitutes in “windows” as in the famous De Wallen district of Amsterdam.

It is reputed to have Hamburg’s best looking and most expensive prostitutes. At its peak, about 250 women worked there.